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Panning Film on Fusion Export. Is there a way to fix?

Hi All,


I have just recently completed a huge export of an immersive theatre performance of a Chirstmas Carrol, so in the spirit of chirstmas I am hoping if someone could help me. 


So filming I had it attached to the head of a chair. The camera is still and there is no movement in the camera. Basically I left the stabalization on and now the footage is panning as its playing.


Due to it being a couple of hours long, it took ages to render out of fusion. I know that I just need to turn the stabalisation off if I were to do another export. However is there a way to fix this movement in premiere or am I just dreaming here? Does it need to be rerendered?


Best B

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Re: Panning Film on Fusion Export. Is there a way to fix?

I would say, (as an enthusiast)-----to bite the bullet and re-render.  (it would be your best bet).


In theory,  in Final Cut Pro X, which one could "track" the spinning and counteract it by using a keyframe to pan in the opposite direction, but it would be hard to figure it out perfectly--and that precious time figuring it out could be used to re-render the original footage. 


I  feel your pain working with cutting-bleeding edge of technology.


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Re: Panning Film on Fusion Export. Is there a way to fix?
You just need to keyframe the Yaw on a set point. Set a keyframe at the beginning of the video (assuming this is the POV you want). Scrub forward in the video to where the video has panned away at it's furthest point (if it's making complete 360 pans, go to where it has completed the full 360 and enter either 360 or -360 at this point in the Yaw (it depends on which way is panning. If 360 makes it pan faster and do two full circles, use -360). You just have to repeat this for every full circle.