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Fusion studio 1.3 on mac dropped OpenGL

Changing from 1.2 to 1.3 on mac I noticed a massive performance drop.

I opened up activity monitor to discover that 1.3 is only using the weakest GPU (that is presumably metal enabled).  

Now takes forever.

Luckily I kept 1.2 and that still allows me access to either the discreet GPU on my macbook pro or the nVidia eGPU on my minimac.

Shame it's not clever enough to both and doesn't boad well for the future if I upgraded my macs.

Scaning the internet has not revealed anybody with the same conclusions.

Anybody here thought about this?

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Re: Fusion studio 1.3 on mac dropped OpenGL
I don't know about MAC, but I recently upgraded my GPU to an RTX 2060. I'm on the latest (beta) Fusion Studio. I've noticed that when rendering I'm using between 30-50% GPU. It's also much, much faster. Honestly, I'm surprised at how much faster. I set about ten clips (each around 1-3 minutes in length) to render. I started the render and went and had lunch. I came back about an hour later and all of the clips had rendered. I was surprised, because with my GTX 1050 ti I would have been lucky to have 3 or 4 rendered in that time.
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Re: Fusion studio 1.3 on mac dropped OpenGL
Making it rendar faster will help With the New Gopro Max 360 camera coming only using 1 memory card and all the full features of a hero 7 plus some new 8 features and the fusion 360 modes winner.
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Re: Fusion studio 1.3 on mac dropped OpenGL
Having just one SD may make the files smaller, but you'll still need a computer able to edit 5.6K. Plenty of people struggle with 4K.

I love my Fusion, and now that I'm able to render clips much faster on my computer, I'm liking it much more. I'm still very interested in getting the Max, but mostly because of the versatility and hopefully much faster and easier mobile editing.

I've already noticed my Overcapture videos from Fusion are uploading to GoPro Plus, which is nice. It will be interesting to see if Fusion files will have key framing in the mobile app like GoPro Max. A new update to the mobile app is supposed to happen in about a months time.