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Night Mode For The GoPro

Welcome To This Group. 

So making the first post, an idea I think would be very cool for lots of users including myself, is a night-mode feature. So when filming in cars, or taking night photos at night, the white menus I'm not a fan of it's very bright. I think a night mode light a black menu with orange or red text would be very cool almost they have it when taking night photos as shown below: 



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Re: Night Mode For The GoPro
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Nah its good the way it is.  lower your touch screen down that is the correction.


 feedback to thesite they listen group stuff here is  just that even the people on here all they are interested in Help help help, I posted  and helped and nothing  Lol

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Re: Night Mode For The GoPro

@fishycomics I don't think @chrisediting was posting a request to GoPro but rather just opening up a thought he had for discussion among users.


@chrisediting I think it would be cool if there were different "skins" that you could apply to customize your GoPro LCD.  However, just as long as they make the option to return to default settings clear and easy to access.  I can only imagine the amount of people complaining that something is wrong with their camera because suddenly all of the text is in orange or red.  I really like the black with orange lettering in a night mode.  Another nice look would be a skin that used the GoPro Blues.

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Re: Night Mode For The GoPro

@fishycomics I'm just saying like my Canon70D or 80D they have a night feature that makes

it nice trying to keep low-light but without lowering the brightness to loose detail. 


@danielr15 And yes very true, it would add more questions on the hub. 

Everybody trying to learn how to change the colors. Smiley LOLSmiley Very Happy