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Consistent UX (and later feature updates) for GoPro Hero 5, 2018, 6, 7 // avoid plastic in packagi

Hi guys.


I'm using Hero 5, 2018, 6 and since a few days 7.

I'd like to see the same UX in all GoPros to be more familiar with using them all together and maintain the different settings/functions.

Also it would be nice to have features for the old GoPros that are now available for the new ones (if the hardware is capable of it).

AFAIK hardware was not dramatically changing in above Heros.

It's one thing to have good marketing for new features to sell a new camera. That's totally OK.

But after a while it would be nice to see the older versions also getting the latest UI and some features that are possible.


For two reasons:

1. I cannot buy a new GoPro every year or exchange 2 or 3 of them yearly.

2. I'm a NIKON user and l like it that all cameras work the same regarding UI. So I don't care what it is, I can administer they the same. This is working for Hero 5, 2018 and 6, but 7 has complete new UI now (with nearly same hardware).


Most of us are using the GoPros for activities in nature. So please let us think about sustainability and saving ressources.


That brings me to another point regarding packaging/waste. GoPros are shipped with a big plastic bubble nobody uses and throws away. In times of plastic oceans, try to avaoid using plastic. We all mostly buy in online stores (shame on us), but so we don't care about a good looking package. Also in shops, paper packaging would be enough, we know how good GoPros look. So please care for mother earth.