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Re: slow download on iPhone

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Yes man, tried iPhone X with iOS 12 and iPhone 7 with iOS 11.


MYK is fine, the only problem is that I can't download a set of time-lapse or burst photos. It only downloads the first photo of each set.

Sent an email to their support team asking about it and I'll update here when they answer me.




It's nice to know it helped you out. 

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Re: slow download on iPhone

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Re: slow download on iPhone

So I updated GoPro app today to version 5.0, just released.


Unfortunately, it´s still slow and photos preview are blurred (you have to wait like 30 seconds to preview in the right quality and even in this way, sometimes it never loads).


But I think download speeds are slight better - still far from being normal as it used to be.

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Re: slow download on iPhone

.Entendi, @thiagor610 - muito estranho esse comportamento.


Tentei o aplicativo citado aqui (Myk), me pareceu ser muito bom. Mas, aqui em meu país, o preço dele está acima do que desejo investir agora para essa finalidade. O correto seria a GoPro disponibilizar um app que seja bom o suficiente para não procurarmos opções de desenvolvedores terceiros.



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Re: slow download on iPhone

I have a gopro hero 5 and sessions and I have been doing this for awhile now.  I have had problems from day one trying to get my media to my mobile device as that is the main platform to share and send my videos and photos from my drone and cameras.  


When I download a 10 minute video to my Iphone Xs it takes one hour to do so.  I am not joking.  It usually takes about 1 hour for one 10 minute long video.  I have reached out to gopro before to give us a better way to put media from our cams and or Micro SD cards and I bought the Iphone SD card reader adapter and it works good for about 1-2 weeks and then it just failed to work or connect.  It was cheaply made in my opinion. 


I have connected my phone to camera wifi to put my videos on and I even bought another micro SD card adapter and tried to use its software or app to put my videos on my phone to share but the app is just a joke.  It just crashes during exports.  So basically we have no way to get media on our mobile devices and its the year 2018.  Real cool huh...


I have made sure my camera is connected via bluetooth instead of wifi but it just seems to use wifi no matter what.  In fact I have it connected with wifi and bluetooth at the same time and it still takes 1 hours for 10 min long video.  To me a 10 min long 1080p 60fps video should not take this long but I am no expert.  I just know that its virtually impossible to get media onto my iphone to share videos with friends and family.  


And yes everything is updated and new in fact.  So here we are in 2018 and its the little things.  Mobile devices are basically our pocket PC and one would think Gopro would start selling a new version of the iphone lighting adapter.  I notice you cant even buy those things anymore.  What's that tell you?  Come on Gopro..  Give us something to transfer our media to our mobile devices better/faster.

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Re: slow download on iPhone

Hello @gromz


The connectivity between the camera and a mobile device via GoPro App mainly works on Wi-Fi. Bluetooth is only utilized during startup, or the very first time that pairing is done. 


The observed times of import or transfer that you have observed are really long. I have just made a sample recording using a HERO5  Black camera with version 2.6 firmware. The resolution was set to 1080p at 60 fps, total duration of which is 11 minutes. The import to an iPad with GoPro App version 5.0 took about 16 minutes. Total size transferred was at least 4 GB. 


If you have not done it yet, see if manually updating the camera will help. Let us know how it goes. 





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Re: slow download on iPhone

I've followed the manual update steps to a T and it does not manual update it self.  I guess because I am already on the most updated version.  So I dont think it will work.  I also dont see why I would need to update if I am on the version.  In my opinion the camera and my iphone just dont work right.  In my guess it just uses the wifi and not bluetooth.  You cant just choose one or the other.  The app on my phone goes to connect and it makes you connect wifi before the camera will even show up on the app.  I can go to bluetooth to turn it on or connect but after I close the settings on my iphone and go back to bluetooth it shows it disconnected again and i just have to redo it.  I dont know what is going on but its been like this for me since I bought my gear.  I only had 2 weeks of fast uploads when I had to sd iphone card reader which we can no longer buy.  I dont know if I would anyways because it didnt last long. I wish we could just connect these cams to iphone with a cord.  Impossible to get vids on my iphone.  I have tried everything.  Brand new phone even.  The camera settings or app needs more settings for bluetooth or it just need to connect bluetooth only.  For my cam to connect to app on iphone I have to take my phone off my wifi and connect to cam wifi.  Slow speeds I guess.  Im no expert but id think bluetooth is fast. I wouldnt know. Just my hunch 

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Re: slow download on iPhone

If you are running a manual update correctly, the firmware will install anew, regardless if you are on the current version or not. If the camera is not initiating a firmware install, then you are not doing it correctly. List the steps that you are taking and perhaps we can see why is not installing for you.

Manual updates reboot the camera system in a way that restarts and resets can't do. Often, by simply doing a manual update (even if the camera is already on the latest firmware), performance issues get resolved.

You have to use the camera Wi-Fi to transfer files. Wi-Fi Direct promises device-to-device transfer speeds of up to 250Mbps, while Bluetooth 4.0 promises speeds similar to Bluetooth 3.0 of up to 25Mbps. If you think your transfer speed is slow over Wi-Fi, it would be an absolute crawl over Bluetooth.