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Re: reframe funkioniert nicht mit Android HAndy



i use a samsung android mobile  with android version 9 and 4 gb ram. this fullfill all requiremenents listed on the 360 support page but still doesnt work.  a lot of other android user have the same issue. so my mobile may not cause this issue. seems like its only work for apple devices now but this wasn't mentioned anywhere. otherwise i wouldn't hve bought the go pro max camera. when will the windows SW be released to be able to modifiy 360 ° videos ?


thank you



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Re: reframe funkioniert nicht mit Android HAndy

Hello @donandy1972. We do not have release information yet on the update to GoPro MAX Exporter for Windows. We will send the details you provided to the team for a closer look. We will post an update as soon as we receive them. Thanks!

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Re: reframe funkioniert nicht mit Android HAndy


Hi Andy,


So you're on the beta? Did you join the Facebook group? >
If you want we can follow up together on your issue to try to understand whats up, I usually talk with users from our beta testing community via the FB group and Messenger. Don't hesitate to ping me Anais GoPro on Facebook so we can try to know more. I'd be happy to see if I can help :)


Thank you