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quick app mobile

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How to download or share on YT a movie created in the quick mobile application in 4K quality? I record the original videos in 4K, the application saves on the phone after creating the movie and makes it available in full HD quality only


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Re: quick app mobile

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Currently here’s what you have when you export a multi-clip edit in GoPro Quik:
- On Android it’s 1080p/60fps in output.
- On iOS we take the resolution / FPS of the most media in your Story (so if you have a majority of 4K media, output will be 4K. If your media are 50FPS > output will be 50FPS)
iOS is technically more performant. The encoder performance and quality provided by the Android devices isn't as good so you won't have the same results on Android.

The team is working on implement a new feature: Export Quality Settings.

Also to get the best quality on YouTube, upload your video from a desktop computer.