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Re: mandatory login after upgrade

@zz0144 good point about the tracking. I was curious so decided to do some research.

If my understanding is correct, according to the new GDPR regulations in the EU, any tracking which can identify a user requires consent to be given. This includes simply identifying them as the same user as previously. It also states that consent must be actively given so cannot be "if you continue to use..." or a pre-selected checkbox. The fine for breach of this can be upto 20 million euros or 4% of a companies income, whichever is higher.


I'm not sure how tracking is implemented in the app but this site seems to use the old cookie notifications of "If you continue to use this site..." so it would seem they are already in breach of GDPR. I did try to have a look at the cookie policy ( but it seems to be stuck in a redirect loop (this could be due to ad blocking software on my network, websites occasionally break due to it).

If anyone from gopro is reading this, you may want to look into this as a priority or risk a very large fine.

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Re: mandatory login after upgrade

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Agree. Are they telling us that they just realized people want privacy and don't want to be tracked?  I'm not sure what happened to GoPro but boy did they f#%K up a good thing and for what? Data Greed?!  And then if that wasn't enough they had  go and acquire Kolor only to drag them down in the mud with them. Now both companies suck.  All GoPro had to do was read the forums and the news years ago to see this wasn't the way to go but I guess the only thing they can read is other peoples private data.  I think this fall from grace should now and forever be reffered to as a "Woodman". Well, at least he will be remembered for something right?!Man Sad You're in the hardware business not data mining. If you wan't to take that route then let Zuckerberg buy you out. Otherwise stick to making kick ass cameras that don't spy on you.

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Re: mandatory login after upgrade

Well, it seems we're not alone in having troubles with GoPro vs other consumer and prosumer camera brands. This video is quite interesting:

The Biz Doc dives into an interesting case study on GoPro who has gone from startup to millions to billions to losing profits. For those who have been vacationing on Jupiter, GoPro, Inc. is the American technology company founded in 2002 by Nick Woodman. It manufactures eponymous action cameras ...