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Re: mandatory login after upgrade

Please sign the petition at the end of my ongoing complaint about this situation. I asked for a refund and they will not honor my request as it has been over 30 days. Any suggestions?

"Get over it: Yeah, it's a bit lame you need to login..." (Camerdude, customer on Apple App Store)

I don't disagree, logins are necessary for online services. Tethering is a tool. Sure it is a hassle to remember another username/password, it is another step in the process from A to B. GoPro's Customer Service said "Capture isn't the only app that exists that requires login."

Some users have complained and worried that GoPro could act as "Big Brother" by watching your activities and tracking your camera activities. On the GoPro community forums, staff provided this statement. "GoPro made the decision to require the login as it will help us better gauge how our customers use our products, and allow us to identify pain points customers may have so we can improve our future products."

For me, I don't care about any of this. My life isn't exciting enough to believe a conspiracy theory that GoPro is going to be watching my activities, what they will capture, I have no clue.

My issue is the principal of buying in to a product, a tool to do a job, then after several months my tool broke. My tool broke so badly, I lost opportunities I can't afford to remake.

So the back story is, GoPro began requiring a login for the Camera tethering App newly called Capture. This new app removed the existing, fully functional GoPro App that didn't require a login.

GoPro publicly stated the claim that the App only needs entered every 30 days. This might be partially true, but there are other variable that can reset or log you out of the App. Examples include, if the app updates in the background on your smart phone, you have to reset your camera, you have to change the wifi network, or simply forget it has been 30 days, it is possible to be logged out. (For me, over the course of 30 days, my App reset 4 times.)

So what's the big deal, just login again... right?

It isn't that easy. Say you forget to login before your photo/video shoot. If there is no cellular or wifi internet access, you won't be able to use the App. There is no bypass when there is no internet.

Capture is a tool, it functions as a tether between GoPro cameras and Smart Phones. Since many models lack a display, the former GoPro App and Capture allow the user to compose, tether, and review footage.

I bought my GoPro specifically for the tethering capabilities. I owned previous GoPro models, but tethering was a significant reason to upgrade as I wanted the flexibility to remotely control and pre-check, observe, and review as well as control basic functions remotely a fair distance away from the camera.

A camera company that so actively promotes using their cameras in the far reaches of the globe, or even on the edge of space, it makes no sense they would have a non-service tool that requires a login requiring a connection to their servers.

Nick Woodman, Founder and CEO says this about product upgrades. "Our approach is to envision a 'total solution' rather than think about each new GoPro as a 'product'. Products are standalone things. We want to build solutions that help solve problems for people. So, when deciding which features to included in a new GoPro, Karma, or any new software we think about the total solution and experience we're creating for our customers and not as much about the individual product itself." --Nick Woodman (Reddit)

I specifically bought my GoPro to use my smart phone as a tether almost a year ago, although far from flawless, the functionality had occasions where it worked really well.

Why is this an issue for me?

I was out capturing the fall color in the Eastern Sierras of California a month ago. I was planning on filming using my go pro mounted on the hood. Before pulling into traffic I went to enable the camera and realized my GoPro App had disappeared. Thankfully I had internet, so I discovered the App changed names. The app came up in my search and when I opened the app, it looked all nice and new, but there was something new, a login. I wasn't sure what to enter but my general GoPro username/password from the website logged me in with no issues and I was good to go. I figured this was a one time login, but the the nightmare comes later...

I used the App for a couple days, returned home before heading out for the next leg of my fall color trip. Without my knowledge, the App updated again and logged me out. So 6 days later when I reached my second destination and prepared my GoPro to use my smart phone as a remote tether on my 28' photomast, I discovered the login screen returned. I spent the next hour troubleshooting and looking all through the settings, clicking on all the words in the app, everything I could think of to bypass the login. My shot was missed, I had to pack up with no footage. The next day I had to drive back towards civilization to find a cellular connection to login once again. For the remainder of the trip the GoPro worked fine.

Truly, I love GoPro products, I love their new software. I just can't rely on GoPro products if they don't function as advertised.

What solution do I seek?

I want GoPro to remove the login to the Capture App or provide the old App for existing customers who bought into Nick Woodman's full package deal less than a year ago. It is a matter of principal, I shouldn't have to remember to login to an App to use a tool on in the field.

In frustration, I've sought to advocating for the removal of the login requirement for just the remote tethering tool. To project my voice, I created this petition in the last week to gather some followers... Please help, GoPro has to understand their customers needs and this petition should help their numbers in deciding change.

GoPro, you can fix this.

Sign our petition.

Here's a few heartfelt comments.

"Retroactively (and unexpectedly) turning a personal GoPro camera into a "service" requiring a login (contact with the Internet) in order to function is an unacceptable breach of personal product ownership.... What happens next? Will GoPro owners be charged for using certain features of their cameras?" -- Lori Paul

"This is very annoying. I was setting up a GoPro for some shots needed in a TV production. It was on a location where my phone wasn't able to make an internet connection. The result was a useless GoPro and some missed shots. Please remove this disabling feature!!!!"
--Robbert-Jan van der Does

"I have moved onto other products as I can't rely on my GoPro anymore. Support claims "You only have to login once" which is false. It will require logins at random times and eventually you will be burned like I was."
-- Ryan Watts
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Re: mandatory login after upgrade

Thanks - signed and commented!
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Re: mandatory login after upgrade

This invasion of our privacy is the reason i no longer use what used to be an excellent product. There are many cheaper otions to gopro! It was fun while it lasted before the tracking began. 


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Re: The Solution (At least for Android users)

OMGsh this SUCKS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You can NOT use the wifi setting for live view at all, and be on the internet at the same time.

DUH! Hellow Mc Fly ***

You just render my camera absolutely useless. Which mean I'm now FORCED to go out and purchase a China knock off.

All because you guys have the ensaciable NEED to monitor everthing my cam does. KMA! It going in the trash.

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Re: The Solution (At least for Android users)

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So my gopro is 12 meters up on top of my mast and i am 30 miles from mobile signal or any form of internet. So please tell me how i can start and stop recording on my hero 4 black?


Second scenario skiing in the Alps no internet access. how do i make sure i have the camera lined up properly?


Please remove the need to login and revert to the old style of app. 


You have just made my hero cameras bricks. if this is not sorted by Jan 1st you will have lost a loyal follower.


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Re: mandatory login after upgrade

You need only login once and will no longer be logged out randomly or every 30 days as it happened previously. I found I was even able to delete the app and reinstall it without logging in again. It was a major issue before, hence my dozens of complaints, but so long as you login the first time, it should be fine. Even App updates no longer log you out as it did in the past, I was logged out 6 days after logging in before the fix. So the App works like the old GoPro App before.
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Re: mandatory login after upgrade

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So have you ever read anything on security keeping accounts logged in for long periods?. Not a good response I am not impressed.


Why do i need to be logged in to access a device not even connected to the internet. what or who else could piggy back on the logged in account and upload using my account.


This is not acceptable.


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Re: mandatory login after upgrade

Just understand I am a ticked off customer as well. I don't work for this lousy company. Their glitch prevented me from using my GoPro for an event I had planned for a year. I checked all my equipment the week before, but during my trip it required a login while I was far from a connection. It wasn't my only camera thankfully, but I lost potential income.