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mandatory login after upgrade



I own hero4 camera. I need to use the app as the camera comes without a view finder. I was quite aware of this when I bought thecamera, and was quite happy with this.


However, recentrly I have updated apps on my phone, and my GoPro iOS app became "capture", and the app now requires me to sign in to use it. As the app esential for normal camera usage, I find it almost impossible to believe that I have to sign in to use the app.


Would someone be able to help me? How can I control my camera without signing in?



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Re: mandatory login after upgrade

@Anonymous - With the launch of our new Capture app last week, we do require users to log in to use the app. We're doing this to better understand how customers use our products, identify any issues, and ultimately use that information to create better products in the future.


I'm not sure what camera you have since two HERO4 cameras come without a bak screen - the HERO4 Black and the HERO Session. If you have the HERO4 Black, you can change all of the settings on the camera without using the app. If you have the HERO Session, most of the major functions are available for use without needing the app. There are some settings that do require the app though, so if you are planning to adjust those settings, you will need to create an account and log into the app.




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Re: mandatory login after upgrade

Information is money so they collect it. 



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Re: mandatory login after upgrade

It is critical to be able to bypass the login when you are using Capture on location where wifi/cellular is not available. I was on location and completely missed my event as I couldn't login to the App. The remote use through my phone is why I bought the GoPro 4 Black. Bait and switch?
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Re: mandatory login after upgrade

Have you lost your minds?

The new capture app *requires* a login via an internet connection. I have totally lost functionality with my Hero 4 Black. I mountain bike, kiteboard, backpack and drive my sports car fast in canyons, all of which take me places there is no web access. For the first 3 I previously used the phone or my iPad to set settings and check the angle of the camera on the mount. While you can set the settings on the camera if you are young and have perfect eyesight (which I'm not and don't) the preview functionality is now impossible in remote areas. How can I check the angle on my head strap, handlebar mount, kiteboard mount or mouth mount? I will simply be guessing.


And the car is now simply ridiculous. The camera is attached to a suction cup mount on top of my car or on the bumper. Do you seriously expect me to pull over, get out and stop and start the camera manually every time? Seriously?


So back to my original question: Have utterly lost your f*cking minds?!?


As with the guy above I will now be pursuing options to try and get my money back since my purchase was predicated on controlling the camera with my phone. I couldn't see the screen without glasses then or now. And not only for the camera, but for the hundreds upon hundreds I've spent on mounts, media cards and extra batteries.

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Re: mandatory login after upgrade

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I find this new requirement a complete pain in the ass. Honestly. I go many places without internet availability, including all over Europe where I don't want to incur roaming charges, and at sea where there isn't any connection. The old camera app was great. Get the phone out, connect to the camera, then go. Now, even in my apartment in Brussels, I have to mess around swapping wifi connections in order to log in to the app, then connect to the camera (I have a UK phone).

Looking at all the gopro footage on YouTube, has it not occured to you guys that this would be a step too far. I don't need any help from you to enhance the use of my camera. This restriction may well be the show stopper that sends me, a loyal customer, (and others) to another brand. The market is getting more populated...


Please reconsider...


Has GoPro become StopPro...?

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Re: mandatory login after upgrade

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The Solution (At least for Android users)

Hey there-


I made an outraged, disgusted post below once I found this thread because I was furious yesterday when I discovered the problem. But since you're the thread starter and you asked for help, I thought I'd better see if I can give you the answer you need. This is what I did on my Android phone last night:


  1. Go to the link below and download this file: com.gopro.smarty.2.9.1551-1551-minAPI16.apk. As far as I can tell it was the latest version prior to the Capture lunacy. Note: I chose not to attach the apk file to this post directly because I'm afraid GoPro might lock the thread if I do.
  2. Uninstall Capture from your phone. Goto Settings->Applications->Application Manager. Force stop the app (if running), then delete the cache data, then delete the rest of the data, then uninstall the app itself.
  3. Go find the apk file you downloaded above. I have a file manager I use. Open it. I run an anti virus app and it takes over the install after scanning the file. This came up clean. It might also prompt you to change allow untrusted sources. If you enable this, remember to disable once completed. Selecting the APK should install the app.
  4. At this point I paired my camera to make sure everything works. Hooray, no **bleep**ing login and I can control my camera again!
  5. If you have auto update turned on in Android like I do, eventually your Gopro App will be updated to Capture. I don't want this to happen again EVER. So open Google Play Store. Navigate to My Apps & Games. It will think Capture is installed, but select it anyway. Once you get to the app page, up in the upper right you will see some dots. If you select them, you can turn off auto update for this single app which is what we want.

So there's the answer to your original request for help. There are several problems with this you need to be aware of. I don't know whether the blocking of auto update willl work since I just did this. Another thing is the app itself (the one without login) will never be updated again. And last, GoPro could easily change the next version of the camera firmware to require Capture. And given what they've already done I wouldn't put it past them. I personally will be storing the apk file I downloaded somewhere very safe (not on my phone!) so if I change phones or have to reset mine I will always have access to the last version without login.


If you can live with these considerations you now have a solution. Good luck, and thanks for being the first to raise the issue.