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let us edit completely a pc or on our phone

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The fact I can’t use the app on pc (where my music I recorded myself is) but also can’t do it on my phone because my music is not there unless I pay for Apple Music, (even though it’s my music) as well as pay for your cloud storage, this is appealing.

I hope the team behind this thinking are held accountable. this is not an acceptable way to treat your customers and to keep suggesting the same solution that only works for paying Apple Music members is also not helpful.

Count the number of open threads here about this. You have an urgent issue please fix

The point of a phone and the apps are to do the thing with out a pc. The solution to use a pc to transfer my music via iTunes upsets me greatly. I used this app many times a week now I’m hunting for different. Anyone with recommendations please comment and help us all out.
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Re: let us edit completely a pc or on our phone

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GoPro meets the needs of Wall Street whose interests they service.

Customer Service ended for the company long ago

The devices are still good. In your case just pull the camera’s card and edit via non-GoPro software is also an option.
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Re: let us edit completely a pc or on our phone

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I don't pay for Apple Music and I use my own musics to make Stories in Quik App. I use the (annoying and so 2000) process of plugging and synchronising my iTunes/Music playlist with my phone so the songs are locally on my device. At this point I don't have another workaround for the Music - although the Team has started to review to whole Music process.
In the meantime - There are certainly other cool editing apps out there.