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iPhone 8 can't control fusion

I recently replaced an iPhone 6s with an iPhone 8 and have a fusion 360.  The 6s worked fine with the fusion.  The iPhone 8 loads the app and connects to the camera, but when I select "control camera" or "load media", the app just spins and never loads or controls the camera.  The main screen still says "connected".

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Re: iPhone 8 can't control fusion

Hello @bryand147. Is this already with the latest version (v6.0) of the  GoPro App? Which firmware is the Fusion running on? If you haven't yet, try updating the Fusion to the latest (Beta) version and see if it makes a difference in terms of the connectivity with the app. 


Does your iPhone 8 have the latest OS version? Please also see if choosing a different camera on the list of options in the app (that is, other than Fusion) will allow control of the Fusion using your iPhone 8. Let us know what you find out. Thanks!