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iOS GoPro app (5.1.1 -2869) Can’t download trimmed videos with speedometer from GoPro 7

I got a new GoPro 7 and I went to the slopes to try the new speedometer and g-force feature.

I recorded various segments 4 of them less than a minute in the snowpark and a couple more 2-3 min videos of full runs.


My first try to obtain the metrics was to trim the snow park videos of a fall to my iPhone, then I opened Quik and I tried to click on the speedometer, to my surprise it didn’t work. It will say the following: “Use a GoPro with gps to display speed in videos” 




*sigh* I guess GoPro hasn’t added the feature to export the metadata in trimmed videos.


My second attempt was to add in the go pro the speedometer and the g-force values from the origin and trim the video to 5 seconds and export it to my phone.

The result, the go pro app just stays in the same screen “preparing your video” and making my camera and my phone super hot. It never finishes the task:




Guys, I don’t want to transfer my 2 min runs to my phone for a 2 second clip that I need to add to my 30 second Quik instagram video.

it just takes too much space of my phone and it takes too long. Right now that is the only way I was able to get the speedometer functionality working. 


And, if you actually add the speedometer from the GoPro app or any other metric/ overlay graphic the rendering seems to take forever, even for 20 second videos.

Is there a way for me to obtain my trimmed 2-5 second videos with metadata or with the proper metrics rendered on top of the video to my phone ?

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Re: iOS GoPro app (5.1.1 -2869) Can’t download trimmed videos with speedometer from GoPro 7

Thank you for the feedback, @sunnysand0148 . To get to know more about the issue, which iPhone model are you using and which OS is it running on? Have you been able to uninstall and re-install the app? We will pass  this along to the team for a closer look. HOpe to hear back from you. 

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Re: iOS GoPro app (5.1.1 -2869) Can’t download trimmed videos with speedometer from GoPro 7

Sure thing.
I have an iPhone XS, iOS 12.1.2 (16C101).
I will try to reinstall the app and see if that helps.