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iOS GoPro App on Ipad Pro doesn’t support direct attached USB-C connection?

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Hi, first off all, I love the GoPro camera’s and iOS apps. I like to shoot in the highest possible quality. This is captured using the HEVC standard. Because the HEVC requires a lot of processing power I haven’t been able to edit footage on my “old” late 2017 Lenovo laptop. Also my “old” iMac is unable to smootly edit the HEVC footage. Playback is no issue, but editing with for instance the GoPro Quick applicating is impossible. So without buying an expansive new computer with GeForce graphics card I have been using the iPhone X as my GoPro editing system.


I recently bought a new 2018 iPad Pro 12” tablet to ease the editing and combining the GoPro apps and an editing tool like Lumafusion.


But, when I connect one of my GoPro Hero 6 Black camera’s directly to the 2018 iPad Pro 12” using USB-C and opening the GoPro app the application informs me that it can’t find a GoPro (probably not limited to the Hero 6). I have to connect wireless and transfer the files using WiFi. Can this be changed... the availabilty of USB-C on the iPad should be utilized as much as possible. 


I am also unable to directly import the footage to the build-in photo stream using the iOS photo app because the photo app crashes on connecting the Hero 6. The Hero 5 and 7 do not have this issue. This is also very annoying because I would love to offload my footage to the internal iPad storage and edit using Lumafusion on the iPad. I can transfer the footage to my external WD Passport Wireless Pro (not the SSD model unfortunatly) and then transfer to or edit in Lumafusion. But the iPad is a mobile device and when I travel I prefer travelling as light as possible without draging my complete office gear with me.


Is it possible to update the GoPro app to support landscape mode on the iPad? And can USB-C support be enabled to transfer the footage or use the iPad as an external monitor? This would not only deliver faster transferrates but it also charges the GoPro from the iPad. This method saves me time and just makes it easier to get things done quickly.


Thank you.


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Re: iOS GoPro App on Ipad Pro doesn’t support direct attached USB-C connection?

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Hi @sn0wbr0


Thank you for the feedback regarding the GoPro app and the camera USB-C conneciton.

We'll have this shared to the team in charge.


Best regards,