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help designing a system (for use at Flight Test instrumentation)

I am looking for help designing a system for aircraft instrumentation (for flight testing).  I'm not much of a camera or avionics geek so hoping someone out there knows more and will help.  I'm even willing to pay for the service if it's not too extreme.  

My basic requirements:

--probably multiple cameras (eg: outside view, view of the instrument panel and view of the controls)

--damped camera image (to smooth images so I can read the instruments)

--time stamped (so I can sync-up different cameras with each other and with other data streams)

--ability to remote control turn on/off (in real time, in the airplane; don't want the system running the whole time, want to turn on and off as test conditions start and end.  Need to do this on/off easily)

--integrated audio (plug in from my headset to listen to both intercom and radios)

--Post-processing--> combine images, hopefully an on-screen time and analyze the data (likely manually..I.e. pull down different bits of data).  iOS (iMac desktop) preferred.

--Desired: a way to calibrate the control movements for easy post-processing.


Thanks in advance for any help!