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i am on the free trial of go pro plus and not happy with it so far. i have fairly quick internet service and to uplaod a 17 min video it is over 2hrs and thats if it even if it works. i have tried now about 10 times just to upload one video and after waiting for the upload to complete i get a pop up that something went wrong try again or go pro has signed me off the website and video did not upload. its not just the upload from a desktop to the cloud i have issues with the app as well  it will take hours of trying to upload even a short video then something goes wrong or it signs me out. what is goin on or what am i doing wrong.

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Re: goproplus

I am having very similar problems, so so slow trying to upload from my iPad to GoPro Plus, and the trouble is all my video content is on my iPad and i cannot see any other way to get it off!  Nightmare!



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Re: goproplus

Hi @grandstorm2418 and @pots1024,


The amount of time necessary to upload your footage is dependent on a number of factors, namely your network speed and amount of content. Uploading large size of contents may take time to complete. I would recommend when uploading files bigger than 4GB to try to use a wired connection. The upload speed and whether or not that file will upload will be based off of your network.


If you've setup Auto Upload on your HERO5 Session and newer (except Fusion), you can connect your camera to a wall charger with an output of 5V 2A (5V 1A minimum). When the battery is charged, the automatic upload to the cloud will begin. 


Kind Regards,

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Re: goproplus

Clearly the time taken to upload is effected by many factors, not least network bandwidth, but still the inordinate amount of time the mobile app is taking to upload from my iPad is not good.  Over the same connection I am using to try and upload to GoPro Plus, I have uploaded several large MySQL databases (around 2.4Gb) to a work server in a timely manor and without trouble.

I have successfully managed to send one video 2Gb directly to my computer from the iPad over AirDrop, not ideal but much much faster than going via the cloud.  
Next I need to see if I can send several videos at once over AirDrop, it might be my only option to rescue all my footage off my iPad.
To be honest, I was quite surprised when i saw GoPro offering unlimited data backup under GoPro Plus.  When you think about the average size of just a single 4k video, you have to wonder if GoPro and seriously underestimated the resources they would need for this server.  With the GoPro Plus free trial too, I think their servers are simply crippled.
@aenriquez you suggest using a wired connection for larger files, can you suggest how we do this from either a GoPro camera or iPad?