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gopro black 3+ not connecting to app on ios

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I just updated iphone x iOS to 13, and gopro cameras fail to be recognised by the app. The camera is picked up by wifi, password accepted, hooked up, but the app does not even register a camera is available. Ironically I went through the process of adding a camera through the app as a potential work-around, and was even able to rename the camera, add password... but when I wish to hook up to it for operation ("control your gopro"), no camera(s) are found.


Very very strange.


Anyone have ideas to solve? i have tried all solutions I coud find online, such as airport mode, switching wifi on and off, blue tooth on and off... no luck.


apple sends me to the app developer. 


Thanks for any help!


by the way I am using the gopro dual setup for 3D


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Re: gopro black 3+ not connecting to app on ios

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Hi @borealcat


I'm sorry to hear you're having issues with the app! We're actually aware of this and will be addressing it in future releases. 

Please continue checking our website for updates.



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Re: gopro black 3+ not connecting to app on ios

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Thanks so much! I am in the middle of a film shoot this week and need to be able to see what i am shooting. How soon will an update be available?


Thank you.