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clip not downloading to app

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I've been trying to get a 30 second clip from a 15 minute video and it just hangs. Other clips download just fine from the same card/camera.

I attempted to use my computer, but it unmounted mid copy of the entire file and won't remount to the system.

Also, I inserted it into another GoPro and it behaves the same way.


The video plays fine from both cameras and played well on the computer while the card was mounted.


Any ideas?

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Re: clip not downloading to app

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Hi @royalvista8234


What phone/camera are you using? Do you have the latest version of the camera and the app?

Please try clearing the cache for the GoPro app in your device's settings under the "Applications" section.

You can also try pairing the camera to another phone to see if the same happens.


Let us know how it goes.