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cannot connect my gopro 9 to the android app

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hello , 

i keep being disconnected and i cannot access my medias nor the gopro control feature... i tried reseting everything but nothing work ... 

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Re: cannot connect my gopro 9 to the android app

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Re: cannot connect my gopro 9 to the android app

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Sorry about that, what is your device / OS?

For connection issues, it’s best to reset everything because it could be a problem with the phone itself, the app, or the camera. 

Firstly the phone:
- Restart the phone
- After phone is back on turn off/on wifi and bluetooth 
- Remove any GoPro connection from the wifi settings menu
- Remove/unpair any GoPro connection from the bluetooth menu

Secondly the app:
- Delete the camera from the camera chooser inside the app (long press on camera image)
- Clear cache from the app: go to settings - apps - GoPro - clear cache
- Kill the app and relaunch

Lastly the camera:
- Turn wifi off and on
- Turn camera off and on

Now for pairing the camera to the app:
- Put camera in pairing mode, turn wifi connection on or wireless connections on
- Open app and tap the camera icon
- At this point the app will try to connect over bluetooth and take you through the pairing process, follow all the instructions on screen in app
- Some phones and some regions require that the camera be in a 2.4GHz wifi band so you may want to check that as well. This has to be changed on the camera > Preferences / Connections / Bandwidth
- Once you are paired just make sure for future reconnections that the wifi is on in the camera and you’ll be all set

Try manually connecting to the camera's WiFi network.  Send the app to the background and manually connect to the camera from your phone’s WiFi settings. You can find the password by putting the camera in pairing mode, then hitting the Info button on the camera.

Hope this helps,