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can I pair 2 cameras to one app?

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i have 2 hero 9, I downloaded the app on an android phone, an iPad and a MacBookt , but i cant get to see the 2 cameras on the app (list ) on any of my devices ...the only way i have to use both cameras so far is deleting one and reinstalling the other one ,,,how can i have both cameras on the app ...can i switch between cameras on the app or is this imposible?

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Re: can I pair 2 cameras to one app?

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@grandhike746, you can add or pair multiple GoPro cameras to the GoPro App. However, you can only control one camera at a time. The app will require a connection to the GoPro camera's Wi-Fi to gain control and access, and your phone is only able to connect to one camera's Wi-Fi at a time.

For further details, see Pair Your Camera with the GoPro App for the pairing instructions.

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Re: can I pair 2 cameras to one app?

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he's describing a problem with the app, adding two cameras is easy but he can't.  But instead of helping him fix a problem you go off on a tangent around a different topic that is only half true


you don't need WiFi to control a GoPro, just for live view and to transfer videos.


You can use Bluetooth to control the camera and that's been the default for six months since app release 6.13


Bluetooth can connect to multiple devices at once but the app limits you to controlling one camera at a time despite this.


There could be a good reason but it's not WiFi.