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blurry gopro pictures



I have a gopro 7 and have been using QuikStories. My videos are great quality and pictures are too when I select them from my phone. When the QuikStory is made though, the video remains in 4K quality but the pictures are terrible. I don't see any option to make the pictures better quality anywhere, only the option to have 4K quality on the videos. 

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Re: blurry gopro pictures

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Hello @hardycliff53415.  First make sure that your device meets the minimum system requirements for QuikStories. As there aren't many options for improving the quality of the photos, it is important then that they are in supported format (JPEG, PNG, WEBP, GIF remain static, not animated). 


Layout options can also be explored. You can gauge whether the photo shows better resolution when it does, or does not fit the full screen. You may also choose a point of focus, specially for portrait pictures. 


For further troubleshooting, you may go through the steps below:
Close out other apps.
Restart Quik: exit project, save it as a draft, exit and kill app, start it again.
Try a simple video style such as: Grammy or Raw (video styles such as Action and Lapse are more demanding).
Delete and reinstall Quik: However, deleting the app deletes all its content - video and drafts - so make sure you saved all videos to your device.


Hope this helps!

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Re: blurry gopro pictures

@hardycliff53415 Sorry about that.

What is your device? / What is your app version?

Did you choose quality in the Settings? > at least 1080p / 60 fps and if you're on Android then Pro Quality.

Can you share a link of your Quik video so I can check?