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Re: YouTube Live Streaming with Hero 8 not working even with 1000 subs and YT activation green

To bad, don't think GoPro is listening.


Meanwhile I purchased the new Mevo Start, OMG the best streaming camera ever.


I didn't have to do absolutely anything, not the best video quality, but you'll be streaming right out of the box in not time.

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Re: YouTube Live Streaming with Hero 8 not working even with 1000 subs and YT activation green



I decided to open a support ticket with GoPro Support Team today.


After provide some information about my issue, one representative told me about the Youtube (YT) restriction of 1000 subscribers: (one of the URLs which is on the first pages of this thread) 


I explained him that I ran a test using a mobile app called "CameraFi Live" (Android), using the same YT account, and the livestreaming works with no issues.


The case will remain open for investigation but I decide to check this app a little bit more... then I found the url below:


As per the image attached, it seems CameraFi allows the livestreaming, the only restriction is with the "scheduled broadcasts", and then they make reference to same YT url from above: 


So, at this point I'm confused... Is the 1k subscribers a restriction just for scheduled broadcasts / events? or a general restriction?. 


- How a mobile app like Camera Fi is allowing the livestreaming on the fly (no scheduled) while my expensive GoPro Hero 8 (+$350) cannot be used for the same purpose?
- Should I have to give up using Youtube for livestreaming? I liked YT because I can share the url with someone else and the content can be easily shared on TV using a Roku, Amazon Fire Stick, you name it... 
- @adorable123  I'm curious about the fact that you said your new cam (Mevo) is allowing the streaming out of the box. Do you have more +1000 followers?. Are you currently using YT?.