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Re: YouTube Live Streaming with Hero 8 not working even with 1000 subs and YT activation green

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I think if you have made your YouTube channel a "brand" then the streaming will not work.  My Google account is what I use to log into my YouTube channel however because its a branded YouTube acount it has a special account of its own with an email that you can NOT log into or use to setup the streaming with.  I figured this out when I authroized the app to my Google account.  It went to my primary email security settings and not the brand account security settings.


Example:  If you use "TubeBuddy" with your YouTube channel (brand) you will not see that app authroized on your Google account.  You have to go into the security settings of the YouTube channels brand Google account to see it.  If you authroized the GoPro app it will show up on your Google account and not your YouTube channels brand Google account.  All of this is one login.


I don't think there is any way GoPro can actually fix this without intervention from Google if a YouTuber turns their YouTube account into a brand.