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Wifi connection unreliable

This is a gopro session 5 black. The wifi connection to my android is very unreliable and flaky. Sometimes it works, but half of the time the app spins the wheels and comes back with an error "Something went wrong. Please check your wifi connection and try again". I have repeatedly verified that the wifi is connected and the signal is strong. Every time I had to shoot something in a hurry, I ended up spending far too much time fiddling with the wifi. Is there anything I can do to make this process smoother? The only reason I need the wifi is to make sure the camera angle is set correctly. 

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Re: Wifi connection unreliable

Hi @foggyshore5477


What phone are you using?

Do you have the camera, the app and the phone up to date?

To isolate the issue, would you mind pairing the camera with another phone?


Let us know how it goes.