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WiFi hotspot connection issue

I have to say I have had this gopro for 12 hours now, and this is serisouly frustrating me.


I am trying to operate the live streaming function and have run into two issues:


1. The selection of your phones mobile hotspot does not work. I tap the "turn on mobile hotspot" selection, turn on my hotspot, and reload the wifi options...... Nothing appears.

I have done this over and over, 20 or so times, switched off the phone and camera, reset things, and still the hotspot will not show up.


2. There is no option to join a hidden wifi network. I keep my SSID hidden, and I want to try and join my wifi network, but there is no option in the drop down to add another network...

Am I missing something here? or is the livestreaming fucntion of this gopro flawed??


I am using an iphone X 64gb running the latest version of ios 13.

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Re: WiFi hotspot connection issue

Hi @mattemedia


Have you tried connecting to a different network? 

Are you having issues only when trying to use mobile hotspot?


Connection to hidden networks for live streaming is currently not option in the GoPro App.


Let us know how it goes.
You may also reach out to our Support Team through for further assistance.







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Re: WiFi hotspot connection issue

Yes, I have tried connecting to other networks and it connects fine. This doesn't help me though, as I want to go live using my phones data connection when I am not near a wifi hotspot.


Everytime I click the link to turn on my hotspot, the connection just doesn't appear, ever.


I need to go live using my phones data and it just never ever works.

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Re: WiFi hotspot connection issue

Hey @mattemedia,

Grabbed a phone that has your setup [iPhone X / iOS 13.3], to verify your issue using the same setup.

Indeed I agree that it takes a while for the hotspot to appear [maybe 2 3 auto refreshes app-side], but it appears properly and i can use it for livestreaming purposes.

I can only advise you to do one of the below things, that would eventually get your app instance back on track:
1. Seriously, be patient for a minute or two, as the hotspot should appear eventually [definitely not an app bug, but it might have something to do with your local setup]
2. Enable the hotspot from your device before kicking off the app [that would increase the chances for the hotspot to appear in the wifi list from the start]
3. Do a fresh install of the app [remember to export your media to the phone first, in order for you not to lose what you already downloaded from the camera]
4. Try connecting to your hidden SSID via the Phone, then access GoPro app and maybe it'll be seen there [as Ej mentioned above, we don't currently support this in our app, but my proposal would function as a potential workaround].

Lastly: are you using a Hero7/8 or Max? Please drop a comment with your and firmware, so i can try to use the same setup as yours and verify your issue furthermore.

Let me know if something from the above worked, and we'll try to pick it up from there.

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Re: WiFi hotspot connection issue

Thanks for your attention aarlekk,


So my phone got stolen over the weekend, so I can't re test all your suggestions.

I have an iphone 6s that I will test tomorrow, and see how it goes.


Just as a note though, I waited, and waited, and waited and restarted, reinstalled, turned off and on and tried all manner of options on my iphone x...... I just could NOT get it to show the iphones hotspot network.



I will let you know how I get on tomrorow with the 6s.


Many thanks