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Where are my (hidden) pics/files on my phone????

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Tech support couldn't help me, hopefully there's help here!


I've searched via Windows explorer and on my Note8 to find the files (pictures) on my phone. It's somehow completely filled my phone (>38GB), so that now the phone won't work.


I've searched to the GoPro App and found thumnails (<50k) of pics, but can't actually find the pics or the videos, but something has completely filled my phone.


I want to either move them to the SD card or (better) offload them to the computer, but unfortunately that won't work as I can't upload them manually to the Cloud as large files (~1.5GB, 6 minutes) just "hang" at the end and never upload. 


The files won't upload manually.

The files won't upload via Quik.

The files won't upload via my cell phone.


Thinking at this point that GoPro Plus should be renamed GoPro Minus.