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Videos are not syncing on other devices

I subscribed to GoPro Plus and I use Quik on 3 devices. An iPhone, iPad, and laptop. However, if I create a video on just one of the devices, I can not retrieve the videos on the other two. I thought the videos load to GoPro Plus cloud automatically, allowing me to view or retrieve them on any device that has the Quik app/software? Why aren’t the videos syncing on all three devices? Am I using the wrong app to sync my videos?
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Re: Videos are not syncing on other devices

Hello @epiccreek28771. Are you also logged in to your account on Quik on all the devices that you have? If you are logged in on the same GoPro account, you should be able to access the files on any device. 

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Re: Videos are not syncing on other devices

When you're logged in to GoPro Plus you can access your GoPro Plus content from any device, however the QuikStory that you are making is only made on this particular device.
For now the video edit cannot be found on other devices than the one you started it on, sorry about that.