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Videos and photos in Media Library are reverse order?

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I upload video and photos to Media Library and they are in reverse order. Why? It makes no sense to have the first historically being in the last place in the library. 


Also, why are the dates and times almost always wrong. 


Why can we not reorder by dragging them to a different location?

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Re: Videos and photos in Media Library are reverse order?

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Sorry about that, I'm going to need more information to try to understand what is happening.

What is the app version that you are running?

What are the steps that you do to get in this situation - if you can even share a screencast that would be very helpful.

I need to know if you are talking about GoPro media, phone media, if you select individual media, whole days etc...

Also make sure that you don't have a filter active > you can choose your filter in media tab, pick Capture date.

In order for me to raise an issue I have to be sure that I can reproduce the exact same problem on my phone.

Thank you for your help,

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Re: Videos and photos in Media Library are reverse order?

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Pretty simple.

All my media is gopro 8 Black.


I use an iphone and ipad but I don't see the relevance of that.


The point is that when the video and photos upload they almost always have the wrong date and as on the GoPro itself, the files are in reverse order. Instead of the first appearing first and the last last, If it's date and time is before another video's date and time on the same day, the one that was made first appears last. That's assuming, of course, that when uploaded the dates are correct which often they are not.


My GoPro is fully updated. 


I have captuer date active.


That's all I know to say.



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Re: Videos and photos in Media Library are reverse order?

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@brainsprain, after the files are downloaded to the app, in the GoPro Quik > APP tab, tap the double-arrows icon and select Recent to locate the recently downloaded media files in the app.


This usually happens when the camera has not been used for some time or if the battery has been removed. Then the camera's date/time gets automatically updated when it is connected to the app. The date/time was probably off when the clips were taken, then the camera settings got updated when you connected it to the app.


Make sure to check on the camera's date and time before using it.