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Using for baseball Lessons

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GoPro Hero 9 v01.60


Love my Hero 9 video quality.  I can set it up anywhere on the baseball field and feel comfortable that it is rugged enough to withstand any blow, yet sensitive enough for me to literally see the seams on a pitch.


For detailed analysis I upload everything to the Cloud and use Kinovea software.  But often when doing a lesson I would love to be able to use a mobil app like ICLOO, Hudl or Coaches Eye. 


Showing a video from the phone display isnt feasible and if you try to view quickly on the Quik App (I use this as my remote control for the phone), you can only see a low resolution video.  Seeing in slow motion or scrubbing forward and back doesnt work.   To use an outside App I would have to download from the Camera to Quik.  then transfer from Quik to a folder on my phone.  Then open the analysis software and open the video.  Needless to say the hour lesson would be quickly over.


Does anyone else use this for lesson and analysis and how do you do it quickly?