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Uploading to the cloud; Editing on a desktop; Accessing the Cloud; Quik Manual

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Newbie GoPro owner here.  Here's all what I'm working with: GoPro 9 Black; Quik for iOS; Mac desktop; and Mac laptop.


1) I plugged my GoPro in so that what is on the camera can be uploaded to the cloud.  I had 3 videos all from the same day - one was 9:09 and the other two were each 11:48. It took FOREVER for the upload to complete.  However, the upload ended up being 32:45. I assume when uploading all the videos were combined into one - is this normal? If so, does is automatically upload them in proper chronological order?


2) I assume there is a way to edit the videos once they're uploaded to the cloud, but how? I'd MUCH rather edit on my desktop or laptop than on my phone. I would have assumed using "Quik for Desktop - Mac" is the answer, but I just read a response in this Support Hub that said it's no longer in development and pointed the person back to the mobile app. From what I can tell, with the Quik mobile app, the only time you have edit options is when the video is downloaded to the app - not when it's only in the cloud.


3) Is there a web interface to access the cloud?  The only way I know how to see and access what's saved to the cloud is in the Quik mobile app.


4) Where can I find a Quik mobile app User's Manual or something of the sort?  I have quite a few questions about how to use the app.

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Re: Uploading to the cloud; Editing on a desktop; Accessing the Cloud; Quik Manual

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Hello, @brandyw78273. The only way for your media (a long one that could be chaptered when saved on a different device) to be uploaded and saved as one file is by uploading it via auto upload with the camera as a hub. In this case, the file is uploaded in order - as recorded. 


To videos uploaded to the cloud will have to be downloaded to your computer in order to do an edit on or of them. Since Quik for desktop is no longer in development, you may explore other programs


Other than through the Quik app on mobile, you can view your cloud media by logging in to your account through 


There is no manual for the Quik app for mobile. The app itself offers a tour of the features and functions when you start using it. What questions do you have about the app? There may be support articles that can help.  When you get to the page, type in your question or keywords on the search bar and related search results will come up. 


Feel free to post back should you have other concerns or questions. Thanks!


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Re: Uploading to the cloud; Editing on a desktop; Accessing the Cloud; Quik Manual

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Thank you for your detailed response.


That must be what happened - the media uploaded via auto upload.


I will look into the other programs noted at the link you provided.  Just FYI - Quik for Desktop is still listed as an option.


I will try to search the support articles for my questions about the app.  If there was a way to do the tour again, that would be preferable. 


Again, thank you for taking the time to answer all my questions and help.