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Uploading files to the cloud

I have been trying to upload footage from the mobile app to the cloud. However, it goes at a rate of 4-5 clips per hour and then stops altogether. I have tried to launch the upload in the evening and let it run over night but when I look next morning, only 4-5 clips have been uploaded. Who has got experience with this ?
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Re: Uploading files to the cloud

Hi @adroitligh13


Are these chaptered files?

Have you tried connecting with a different network?




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Betreff: Uploading files to the cloud

Hi - actually the files are just the regular hero 7 footage. My home network is pretty fast so that couldn’t be the issue.
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Re: Betreff: Uploading files to the cloud

Hello @adroitligh13. Are the 4-5 clips parts or chapters of a single recording? Or are they individual recordings? See if uploading via other methods  will make a difference. Let us know what you find out. Thanks!