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Unable to speed up playback - Hero 8

When I go to the edit function in the App there’s the option to alter the speed of playback - yet the only two options it will let me select are half speed or normal speed, even though the settings show increments for a variety of faster or slower playback speeds. What’s the point of showing 8 playback speeds when only two can be selected!? I film tracking dogs during searches & would like the option to speed up the boring bits during playback, reverting to normal speed at certain times. It happens too quickly to switch between time lapse & normal recording while filming - I don’t understand why it can’t be an option while editing the film for playback. ESPECIALLY because it lists those options- but won’t let me choose them! SO frustrating & pretty ordinary for the cost! Please fix!!!!
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Re: Unable to speed up playback - Hero 8

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Hello, @avaq. The speed options for playback that are available for a specific media or file depend on the frame rate used for the recording. 


For example, a recording at 240 fps can be slowed to up to 8 times while a recording at 60fps can only be slowed down 2 times (1/2 the original speed).