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Unable to reframe long MAX video on Android App

Hi, I'm unable to reframe my Max footage when the 360 files get split into multiple files.


I recently recorded a 22 minute video which I can view the raw footage on the MAX, but when I download them to the Android App it creates 3 separate files. If I try and reframe them I'm limited to only being able to view the video on the first file. At about 5m 45s the video starts to flicker and the view freezes. The first file is 8m 10s long.


If I try and reframe the second or third file although I get audio I just get the same frozen video image!


If I try and view the media on the camera from the app I can watch through without any issues! I can watch through the entire video as one 22min on the camera itself without any issues. The problem is the app?


Also the video was shot as one take, i'd expect to edit it as one shot, not have to reframe 3 individual files? That's going to look garbage!


I've also tried copying the file to my PC but one of the files will not copy!! This also doesn't make any sense, and yes I've tried turning everything off and back on again.


Come on guys, I bought this thinking Gopro had their act together. This is awful! This is not what I would expect from a nearlt £500 camera / paper weight !

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Re: Unable to reframe long MAX video on Android App

Join the club, mate :)  :(

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Re: Unable to reframe long MAX video on Android App

You should be able to splice the clips together in editing, but the fact that one of your files isn't copying over makes me think there may be an error in that file or in the way that file was saved to the SD. I don't have a fix for you here, but our team at can do some troubleshooting with you on this to see if we can figure out what's happening.