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Transferring Files to app after transfering to PC?

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I like to use the Quikey to get files to my phone. I moved my MP4 files to my PC to edit locally and decided I wanted to change my mind and do a quick edit with the Quik Mobile app. (Since the productions are so much more spectactular with little effort... This boggles my mind why the mobile destroys the desktop when most people don't have the space on a mobile device for a lot of footag...)


So I copied my files back to my MicroSD and put it in my quikey and into my phone... and now the files fail to import?!?


I have not editted the files on the PC. I DID open them in the desktop Quik app and mark hilights... File dates of my MP4 files are the original record date. So I think the hilights are stored in the app. 


I do NOT have the other thumbnail and LRv files on the SD card... which makes me wonder. Does the Quikey NOT transfer the mp4 file? Kinda strange that my phone supports MP4 but it's not using that file?!?  Is there anyway to regenerate this?


And even more strange... I can put this same card back in my GoPro and the footage plays JUST FINE!?!




How Do I share these files back to my phone after I've already decided to try to work on a PC?

(yeah, I know... give us $5 a month for Plus. This SHOULDN'T be this hard.

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Re: Transferring Files to app after transfering to PC?

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Hi @edh023

  1. .thm files are Thumbnail video files which are used to display a thumbnail image of the video
  2. .lrv files are Low Resolution Video files. 

These files are necessary to support the Copy, Playback, and Share functionality in the latest version of the GoPro App.




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Re: Transferring Files to app after transfering to PC?

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I have the same problem.
Has any one sorted this out yet
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Re: Transferring Files to app after transfering to PC?

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So the GoPro App and Quik Key uses low resolution video files and doesn't transfer the MP4 footage to a mobile device?  So even though an iPadPro supports 4K video... a GoPro will never use the 4K footage?


Here is a wrinkle to this... Via Quik Key with that card, I got the error mentioned above.

When I put the card in my GoPro and connected my app via WiFi, the same files transferred just fine.