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Still unable to trim video on s7

Every time I try to trim video directly on my gopro session with s7 edge, the save button is missing. Reinstalling the app fixes it, but it happens again the next time I go in and trim. Happened twice today already and reinstalling multiple times a day is massively inconvenient and makes me want to dump the go pro.

Is this a known issue? I last reported it in March.
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Re: Still unable to trim video on s7

Hello @braveridge345. Sorry to hear about the trouble. Are the videos already saved on the app? Does your phone have ample memory space? Have you tried to check if clearing cache on your phone's app settings (cache only, not data) makes a difference? We'd like to hear back from you. 

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Re: Still unable to trim video on s7

Same is happening to me. Different Android phone. Save is there for one use after Trim, then gone when you trim another. Clear Cache and it works for one more trim. Please fix this. App is pretty useless without this feature working. Already bad enough that you need to Save to App before Saving to device. 

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Re: Still unable to trim video on s7

Deleting the cache doesn't work for me. If I delete all the app data it does work, but that's like deleting the app.

I have a few GB of space. Do you have some logic that hides save when you're low on space?
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Re: Still unable to trim video on s7

Hello @braveridge345 @gonzoy5


Sorry for any troubles caused.

This has been reported to the team in charge.

We'll post back once we have additional information