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Speedometer and other GPS features not working

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I have a GoPro Hero 7 Black and I‘ve updated the GoPro App on my IPhone XR. Last week I wanted to try some of the GPS features (Speedometer...) our. So I activated GPS on my GoPro and tried it out (on my Mountainbike). Every time I wanted to add the speedometer it said: GPS only. I hope that problem is easy to solve. I really want to add that because those are very useful features. Once again, I hope you can help me.
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Re: Speedometer and other GPS features not working

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Hi @palettebtw


Are you using Quik for mobile?

Would you be able to test the same file on the GoPro app?

See if you can add GPS stickers. How to View Stickers in the GoPro App


Let us know how it goes.




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Re: Speedometer and other GPS features not working

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If you can't display stickers that require GPS data in GoPro App it may be because the footage doesn't have data that are precise enough. Sometimes the GPS is locked then signal is lost and back on again, when this happens the data isn't reliable enough to use it in the stickers.
Check GPS signal on the camera make sure it's locked/activated (GPS pin icon is white not grey) before filming.
So first turn camera o and wait a bit for signal to be ok (at least a minute or so) and then start shooting - that means no quick capture here.
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Re: Speedometer and other GPS features not working

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When the Hero7 footage can't display gauges it's because either:

A) The camera failed to acquire a GPS lock with the satellites before the recording started.

B) The GPS signal was too weak and Quik decides to discard the data to avoid showing incorrect speeds or locations.

To find out whether it's A or B, you can use this tool:
If your file shows a "GPS (lat, lon, speed)" button, your video has SOME data, so the issue is B. If it doesn't your issue is A.

If A, you can get some tips on how to acquire a better GPS signal here:

If B, you can export your GPS data to edit your video in another software like Virb Edit or After Effects, or you can use the GPS Quick Fix app I created to "amplify" any data present in your video and enable the gauges in Quik:

I hope this helps.

GoPro GPS not working? Enable the gauges overlay with the GPS Quick Fix tool: E...