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Reframing 360 Footage Using OverCapture

Hi there,


So I love the idea of the Overcapture feature on the GoPro App. It is a great and quick way to reframe your videos rather than adding keyframes which can take a long time, especially when you record an hours worth of footage every week.


The issue I have is that I want the overcapture feature to record only my left and right movements and not up and down which causes an unwanted seesaw effect. Is there a way in which I can lock it so it only captures left and right movements?



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Re: Reframing 360 Footage Using OverCapture

Hello @linusmorris. This isn't a feature available in OverCapture. Anyhow, we appreciate the feedback. We are continuously working on improving the experience of our users. We'll have this forwarded to the team in charge. Let us know if anything else comes up.