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Re: Quik of Android creates a weird loop in a video

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Sorry about that. This issue has been present for a while and cannot be fixed for now.


Android devices with multiple, high-resolution videos cause a stutter in transitions. This is video decoding issue.

This issue will more likely affect low-end / mid devices. This is due to technical limitations of the device and its ability - or not - to decode videos at the same time.
For example this issue happens systematically on Samsung devices: a Samsung S7 will be able to decode 5 1080p videos at the same time but only 2 1520p videos at the same time.


Samsung/Galaxy and Quik don't work well together. Reason is simple: Samsung puts a limit on the number of video decoder available (3) which isn't enough to decode simultaneously several videos (which is needed for transitions between videos) the higher the resolution of the video, the more decoders are needed
Because of this lack of available decoders you'll get those stuttering effects during transitions.


Best course of action is to use lower resolution videos - 1080p or 720p but not above.


Devices that will work smoothly with Quik without this issues: Pixel, Huawei, One plus 3, 3T, 5 and 5T, Nexus 5x, Nexus 6p


Sorry about that, try with 1080p footage to see if this is better. 

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Re: Quik of Android creates a weird loop in a video



Then I have 2 questions:

  1. How come I have never had this issue with my previous Samsung Note 8 (no stutering at all for over a year of usage)?
  2. Also, how come I don't have a stuttering issue on my current Samsung Note 9 when I use "EPIC" preset instead of "Sunny" with same set of video clips (more than 20 videos processed and no stuttering at all)?

It looks more like a problem with a Quik than with a Samsung cellphones. Please find a solution to this issue.

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Re: Quik of Android creates a weird loop in a video



thank you for the information. I did a couple of tests and indeed, with lower video quality the stutturing does not happen. I guess I'll stick with this workaround.