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Quik key not working with hero 6 footage

My new bought Quik key does not show footage of my Hero 6 in the Quik and GoPro App.

It does however work with files from a Hero 5 camera, but not those from the Hero 6.

Still Images from a 6, do show up but not video files. 
I've tried various video settings and none seem to show up in de GoPro or Quik app.

I can view them in the standard Android file browser, but not on the GoPro apps.
Any ideas?



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Re: Quik key not working with hero 6 footage

Hi @itsagoodday,


What type of content are you trying to import? Is it HEVC? Is your GoPro App up to date?




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Re: Quik key not working with hero 6 footage

The footage is both HEVC as H264 and my Gopro and Quik app are updated to the latest version
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Re: Quik key not working with hero 6 footage

Pretty sure it has nothing to do with card type, frame rate, resolution, ....

Just a stupid simple thought:

The Hero 6 uses a different file naming than the hero 5. Could it be that simple that the GoPro & Quik app just don't recognise the footage because of different type of file names and therefor, the app thinks that the files on the card are not Gopro files?????????

The Hero 5 always uses GOPR as a prefix followed by a 4 digit number. 

Hero 6 uses GX as a prefix for H265 media and a 5 digit number - and GH as a prefix for H264 media and a 5 digit number. 

If this should be somehow the problem... And GoPro fixes it. They owe me a Fusion Camera as a thank you ;-)


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Re: Quik key not working with hero 6 footage

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Hi @itsagoodday @ryanv12566


Sorry about that. 
The Android team is aware of this issue - it's caused by a failure of the QuikKey library to parse the new file naming schema used by Hero6. It's something we will fix as soon as we can... Hope you can be patient it may not be just yet - lots of other topics to deal with.

Stay tuned, we're on it :)