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Quik export to 4K

Would also be nice if Quik could start exporting 4K. I mean if these recent phones could handle editing in 4K, perhaps exporting 4K shouldn’t be hard?
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Re: Quik export to 4K


Hi @hesedel


We appreciate your feedback.

Rest assured we are working on the continuous improvement of our products and applications.


For reference regarding video output, you may check this article.




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Re: Quik export to 4K

higher quality in Quik would be so nice !! i would pay for it .... i love the app. there is no better alternative to it.... so good videos in short time.... but only 1080 .... 4k would be great !! 




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Re: Quik export to 4K

We will pass this along to the team. Thanks, @dennobundy.

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Re: Quik export to 4K

Same here! Please better quality and less compression on video exports!
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Re: Quik export to 4K

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I bought GoPro hero 7 because it can save 4k@60fps but I can only produce 4k videos with professional applications

please make quik 4k!

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Re: Quik export to 4K


Hi @tiagos76551,


Thanks for your suggestion. 

We'll submit that to our team. 




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Re: Quik export to 4K

@hesedel @tiagos76551 @felixt6280 @graytree76514 @mariustanya 


Sure would be nice ;) Indeed you're not the only ones who have been asking for it. Importing 4K is a challenge as you know only some devices can support it. Decoding multiple 4K videos simultaneously is really demanding (processing, memory).
Exporting in 4K is the same, requires lots of memory, takes lots of time and makes huge file... So we're not there yet.