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Quik export format

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Hi there,


I'm wondering how can I export change the export format from quick on the latest android version?

If I choose to export in the default format, it's a square! a sqaure????? who use square?

If I change the layout option to fit, it's a still a square which looks like a cinema movie....


I just want to keep the original format of my gopro video.


How can I do that?


And no, I won't use the deskop app because there is this unthinkable limit of 60 sec length.


Many thanks for your help



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Re: Quik export format


Hi @royalwater4051


Your video might look compressed when uploaded to YouTube or Facebook from Quik for Mobile. This is because both websites will compress your video. However, now you can activate the HD option directly in YouTube and Facebook when uploading/viewing. 


See for reference.




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Re: Quik export format



First of all, thanks for your answer.

Unfortunatelly, my problem is not a compression ratio or a quality, it's a format: from my project on my quik app, I have tried to export: on google photos, gopro, and youtube and the aspect ratio is always the same: a square!

have a look on the screenshot I've made from the gopro share link from the video which has been uploaded to gopro.

I just want to keep the same aspect ratio than those one coming from the gopro mp4 movies.

Any ideas?

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Re: Quik export format

Hello @royalwater4051. If you haven't explore it yet, try editing your GoPro media using the Quik for Mobile Application. This app provides options for video format such as Cinema 16/9 format, Square 1/1 format, or Portrait. There is more information here that might help. 

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Re: Quik export format

And just to answer your question about the square format, it's the most common (including the long rectangle portrait) format for sharing on sites like Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat.
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Re: Quik export format


There are 3 formats for your QuikStory > CINEMA, SQUARE, PORTRAIT.

You can change the format in the global settings of your video.

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Re: Quik export format