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Quik application problem

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Hello Team Gopro !!

Greeting of the day.


I've Paid membership of QUIK but i'm facing problem when i am exporting Video from application,

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Re: Quik application problem

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Hi @blueoasis68415


We have recently released an update for the GoPro Quik app.
Please make sure to restart the device before testing it again.


Let us know how it goes with the new version.




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Re: Quik application problem

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If the issue is that your video doesn't get saved to your phone then we have a fix for this in 10.5.1 :)
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Re: Quik application problem

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I'm having this issues with quik app. I only have the 9,99USD subscription plan for the quik app and i'm using ios 15.1 and my gopro quik app version is 10.5.1 (6419).

I had format my phone and when i reinstall the quik and i download my backup storage i lost part of the information. When i press the cloud icon i receive the information that i have 4,85gb but i didn't receive all the files in the phone. How can i download the movies that are missing? The cloud icon it's with the symbol "cloud backup is completed" but still miss data (and by the size of the backup, seams to be in the cloud but i don't know how to see those files).


Other problem i'm having is the mural cloud service doesn't have a option of choosing to leave a file only in the cloud. When i recovery the files, he copies the files to the phone. It's stupid because its impossible to save space from the iphone.

I'm really disapointing with this app. Seams that the unlimited cloud storage it's limited to my iphone storage (in my case i only have a 128gb)


Other question i have:

If i buy the gopro subscription ($49,99/year) its possible to save iphone footage or canon footage in the cloud, or only gopro. I didn't understand if it's possible upload footage from other cameras (but the idea with quik it's to use footage from other cameras). The upload can be done directly from the app (quik) or must be by computer. Can i choose to have the file only on the cloud (not in cloud and iphone). If i stitch the gopro fusion footage, i can after put in the cloud service? Or only after overcapture? 


Best regards