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Quik app stop saving video at 95%

When i try to edit and save my final copy of recent trip videos, quik app is not responding while saving after 95% completed. I tried several time but same result. to inform you i have 7GB/25GB memory left in my mobile. request your support to resolve this problem.
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Re: Quik app stop saving video at 95%

Hello @superjump56850


We can then definitely rule out storage space as source of trouble. However, there could be a number of processes going on when you save/export. Try giving these steps a try and let us see how it goes:


The issue may not be exactly crashing but failing to save completely maybe caused by the factors mentioned in the article. Hope to hear back from you. 



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Re: Quik app stop saving video at 95%

Sorry about that.
If your video isn't saving, try this:

go back, exit your project and save it as a draft. It will be saved on the Quik Home.
Then kill the app completely, reopen the draft, change something: I suggest you use the VIDEO STYLE RAW.
Try to delete one media (photo or video), then export again. 

Users have reported that doing this trick helped saving the video, it could take several attempts. Sorry, it seems like the app is stuck at processing some media.