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Quik app isn't playing my videos

Why is quik the app not playing my video just record it. When I press play it takes me out of the app
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Re: Quik app isn't playing my videos



Sorry about the issue you are having.


For the stand-alone video editing app Quik App (Android/iOS) I have no info concerning updates.

If the app is crashing at start your best bet is to delete the app and try to install again.

If the app doesn't save your final edit (freeze/Crash during export process) try this: 

- Go back, exit your project and save it as a draft. It will be saved on the Quik Home.

- Then kill the app completely, reboot your device.

- Open Quik App, reopen the draft, change something: I suggest you use the video style RAW + try with a new music

- Try to move around some media + delete one media (photo or video), then export again. 

- Make sure you have space on your device.

- Consider the number of files you have / size and duration > long/big file tend to make the app crash

- Long process but try to be iterative when adding media, seems like you have a particular file / corrupt file that make the whole export stuck. If you manage to identify your media you can remove it.


We've recently introduced the multi-clip-editing experience into GoPro App so you can do your edit right after importing footage from your GoPro. Note that it's also possible to use phone media.

See this article for help 


Know that since Quik App hasn't been updated in a while, an update outside of Quik App (OS update, System update) could break the app.

I recommend that you give a try to GoPro App multi-clip editing functionality.


GoPro App has 2 new styles that Quik App doesn't have, as well as color correction + more speed options for slomo at media level. 

Many more updates are planned to improve the global experience and add features! :)