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Quik app for iPad

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I recently purchased the new GoPro Hero 7 Black. Im new to GoPro cameras so learning what it can do. We have just bought a Samoyed puppy, hence one reason why I wanted a decent camera for movies etc.. 


I downloaded the Quik app onto my iPad, bluetoothed the video from my camera and proceeded to edit my footage! OMG!!


I can’t believe this software has replaced the GoPro studio? I’m quite technically minded but the Quik app just frustrated me. I recorded footage in 1080/60 Stabalisation on in slow motion yet trying to replicate this quality in the Quik app was frankly hopeless!!!


I can’t believe GoPro would let themselves fall flat on their face by providing an inferior editing suite? It’s okay if you’re a teenager who wants to quickly upload a video with a quirky theme with limited music choice but really?


I bought one of the best action cameras available and can’t use it to its greatest potential unless I want to show half effort videos!


I contacted customer support and was surprised to hear that this is it!! They even suggested using the Splice app, which GoPro sold to another company, go figure that one?


I refer to this experience as, “You’ve sold me a Ferrari which can only be driven no more than 50 mph”!!


I am seriously considering returning the GoPro from where I bought it from because I’m wanting a refund at the moment.


GoPro is a Worldwide respected company, synonymous for its high end products and quality.... until now!!


The person who made the decision to replace the editing software to Quik needs to have a long think in a dark room about this decision otherwise GoPro will have some serious concerns with their Customer dissatisfaction.


It’s not a good start is it?

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Re: Quik app for iPad

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For free software, I think it's fine. You don't even have to use their music and templates. Use Raw and edit everything as you like. The biggest issue I have with it is that it doesn't output to 4K. There are other video editing software out there of you're serious about your content. No reason to return a perfectly fine camera because their *free* software wasn't up to snuff. It was meant to be a "Quik" (get it?) and easy way to share your footage.