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Quick app filling up the storage in my phone

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I have a GoPro Hero 9 and an Android mobile.

I have a yearly subscription to unlimited cloud storage.


I use the cloud storage both for GoPro movies but also to store photos taken by my Android mobile phone (Samsung)

The photos I take w. my phone is stored in the camera app in the phone, also stored in the Quick app and also stored in the cloud if I choose to. How do I do to stop storing these photos in the quick app. It filles up my phones memory. I only want to store them in the cloud and in the Samsung camera app. I don´t want the photos to be stored doubled in the Quick app.




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Re: Quick app filling up the storage in my phone

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Hello, @m1974w. You may delete them from the app once they are saved to the cloud. They are only imported to the app when moving them from your phone to Mural in the app to the cloud. Once uploaded and saved, you may delete them from the app.