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Protune - when will it be back on the app?

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One ponders the true motives of the removal of such a useful tool.
Imagine you set your GoPro on a tripod and using the preview frame the shot.
Oh I’m want to play with the iso or white balance....
Oh no I cannot use the app anymore I have to use the menu on the camera and loose the frame


When on holiday I hiked up a mountain to watch the sunrise. I captured some really stunning shots with my GoPro.
The ability to play with settings without touching the camera and to preview all on you phone was an amazing tool
Now it is gone....... why

Finally as an FPV pilot my GoPro is fixed to my quad and is protected in a case.
How can I play with settings?

I am sure you get the point

Surely the sheer number of people requesting the reinstatement of the feature on the forum is a clear information that it was a mistake to remove it.
We understand you want to sell your new remote...
There are many situations where a remote makes sense.
There are many where the mobile is better.
Ffs charge £20 for the ability on the app and I would still pay for it

Please bring it back