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Problems Authorizing Youtube live

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Im struggling with a very annoying problem. I want to live stream on YouTube and I can easily do that on my main YT account. The problem is that I have another YT account created with te same mail address and is absolutely imposible to stream on this YT account. When I log in using my mail, the streaming is always on the main YT channel. How can I stream on the second YT channel?
I have even tried to create an additional mail address and give it admin permissions on the YT account. But when I'm logging using the gopro app with the new mail, the authorizing screen stays infinitely loading and I can't authorize.
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Re: Problems Authorizing Youtube live

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Hi @toughbluff88545


Do you have at least 1000 subscribers on the other account?

Have you tried streaming via RTMP?

Can you also help us with the following information: Camera version, GoPro App version, phone and OS version.