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Problemi data sulla visualizzazione contenuti

Salve ho riscontrato che la l'app da problemi quando vengono aggiunte nuove foto cambia la data improvvisamente 

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Re: Problemi data sulla visualizzazione contenuti

it's possible that your camera doesn't have the right date :( 

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Re: Problemi data sulla visualizzazione contenuti


Hello, @deftflash0220. We'd like to gather more details regarding the issue so we will know what could be causing it. That is if you observed this to happen despite your camera having the correct date and time when you did the recording/capture. 


If you can, please go over the steps below. 

  1. Power on the camera and reformat your SD card in the preferences menu. Make sure that you have saved any important files to your personal devices before this step.
  2. Confirm that the date/time is accurate on the camera in the preferences menu.
  3. Record a test video 
  4. Open the GoPro App, navigate to the settings menu, select "Preferences" and disable "Auto Offload"
  5. Navigate back to the camera section, find your camera and select "View Media"
  6. Save the new video that you recorded to the GoPro App
  7. Find this file in the gallery of the GoPro App and confirm whether or not the time stamp is accurate.

We hope to hear back from you. Many thanks!