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Re: Problemas A50 Samsung

Dear alixchavz


The following worked for me:


1. On the A50, go to Settings, Apps, GoPro, Storage and delete all data OR uninstall, reboot phone and re-install GoPro App

2. Then also go to Settings, Connections and Wifi, Advanced, Manage Networks and then forget the "GoPro" one.

3. Repeat the above to unpair the GoPro from your phone's blootooth.


If this doesn't work for you, some people on other forums reported that they also reset all settings on their Hero 5 Black and first installed the update on the Hero 5 via the app. They also reported that they succeeded.


Hope it works out for you. It is indeed a very happy moment when it finally works after all the months' frustration.

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Re: Problemas A50 Samsung

Thank you for sharing, @toughridge41475


Hello Everyone, 


A new version of the GoPro App has been released today. Please make sure that you have the latest version of the GoPro App (v6.2.2) installed. After the update, restart your phone, clear cache (cache only, not data) in the App settings on your phone, and try pairing with the camera again. Connectivity should be working this time. 


We'd love to hear back from you on how it goes on your end. Should you notice any further issues, please let us know by replying to this post and providing the following details:  

  • A brief description of the issue and what you have tried
  • GoPro App version
  • Camera model and firmware version (e.g. HERO8 Black v1.20)
  • Phone Model (e.g. iPhone 7 or Samsung Galaxy S8)
  • Mobile OS (e.g. iOS 13.1.2 or Android 9.0)

Many thanks!

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Re: Problemas A50 Samsung

the same, I can't pair.
samsung a50 (october patch)
gopro app v6.2.2
android 9
Please help
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Re: Problemas A50 Samsung

Ha funcionado, la he podido conectar varias veces y ningún problema. Por fin puedo sacar provecho de la cámara. Muchas gracias.
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Re: Problemas A50 Samsung

Hasn't worked for me. Still frustrated. Come on Go Pro, haow about fixing this problem for your loyal customers!

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Re: Problemas A50 Samsung

I have 6.2.2 installed. Im using a Samsung A50 android with all the latest updates and I've tried almost everything suggested here. 



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Re: Problemas A50 Samsung

Desintala la aplicación, borra la vinculación con Bluetooth y WiFi de la cámara en el A50. Reinicialo, vuelve a instalar la aplicación, reinicia nuevamente el teléfono.
En la cámara, resetea las configuraciones de conexión.

Abre la aplicación en el teléfono, y comienza la vinculación con la aplicación. En el teléfono, busca en WiFi que identifique la cámara y conectala usando el password que indica la cámara. Y con eso se conecta.

A mí me funcionó, la he conectado varias veces sin problema.
Espero te funcione.
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Re: Problemas A50 Samsung

So Sorry @marks21835 - users have reported it was working again...

Did you try the suggestions of @alixchavz ?


"Desintall the application, delete the pairing with Bluetooth and WiFi of the camera on the A50.
Restart it, reinstall the application, restart the phone again.
On the camera, reset the connection settings.

Open the application on the phone, and start pairing with the application. On the phone, look in WiFi to identify the camera and connect it using the password indicated by the camera. And with that it connects.

It worked for me, I have connected it several times without problem.
I hope it works for you."